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spielbox 2012/4 - English edition

spielbox 2012/4 - English edition
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Art.Nr.: 2-2-201204-E
spielbox 2012/4 - English edition


Runs Like Clockwork: Eclipse I
A Pleasure to Play: Eclipse II
The Magic Fades: Grimoria
Stopgap: Lakota
Heap of Pixels Turned Into Cardboard: Farmerama: Das Brettspiel (The Boardgame)
Please do Not Cook the Figurines! Sewer Pirats
Antique for Two: Casus Belli
Weak ... Inattentive ... Zeros: Freitag
Let the Others Do the Work: Québec
Surcharge for Latecomers: Vintage
Jogging With Lead-Soled Boots: Warriors & Traders
Even Kitty Wants to Be Saved: Flash Point Fire Rescue
Hold on a Second While I Rule the World ...: Nefarious

Professional in Every Respect: Wolfgang Kramer

No Light Without Shadow: Kramer's Criticism of His Own Games

Illuminated With a Flashlight: Goa - A New Expedition

To be Continued
K2: Broad Peak
Die Speicherstadt: Kaispeicher

Pure Joy of Thinking
Establishing a Direction: Terrain determined propulsion

Aheads of Its Time? Oldie: Saxum
Disregarding the Awful: Print & Play

spielbox Edition
"Louis" - an new card for 7 Wonders LEADERS

For Kids
Streifen Toni
Kleine Regenbogenraupe
Flossen hoch!

At a Glance
Sun Tzu

Shooting and Cursing: Tumblin-Dice

Tweaks and Variations
Mundus Novus


spielbox 2012/4 - English edition

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"Sunny days". New cards for Altiplano (dlp games).
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spielbox 2017/1 - English edition

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