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spielbox 2013/1 - English edition

spielbox 2013/1 - English edition
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spielbox 2013/1 - English edition


What Doesn' Fit Will be Made to Fit: Terra Mystica
Tigris Without Euphrates: Qin
An Unexpected Matter of Deckbuilding: The Hobbit - An unexpected Journey - The Movie Game
Less Friese Than It Looks? Copycat
Questions Upon Questions: OddVille
A Bug's Life: Myrmes
Divine Help - as Much as You Like: The Great Zimbabwe
First Time Team Effort: Keyflower
Cash, not Guns: Homesteaders

Low-Fat to Calorie-Free: International Toyfair, Nürnberg 2013

Surprising Coup With Hanabi: Matthias Wagner (Abacusspiele)
Lured to Troisdorf by First-Person-Shooter: Stefan Stadler (Queen Games)

Well-Oilded Again: Crude

Always Prepared for Experiments: eggertspiele

spielbox Edition
Promotion Card: Supply Contract for Power Grid (2F-Spiele)

Welcome to Walnut Grove: Print & Play
Firing Applicants and Bidders: Oldie: Trump - The Game

To be Continued
Carson City: Gold & Guns

Keep Playing!
Hey, that's my game! Bread or Games

For Kids
Bimm Bam!
Blumen finden

At A Glance

Short notes
Tweaks and Variations: Azlan, Spectaculum

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spielbox (English edition) subscription Europe 54.90 Euro + ePaper 9.80 Euro

spielbox (English edition) subscription Europe 54.90 Euro + ePaper 9.80 Euro

Have a look at an ePaper issue (issue 2-2020) for free:

Here you can order a subscription of the English issue of spielbox only for Europe (€ 54.90 and you will get additionally all issues as ePaper-PDF via eMail (€ 9.80).

The subscription will be invoiced annually (7 issues per year). The subscription auotmatically extends to another year unless cancelled until 4 weeks before the one-year term ends.

The price of € 64.70 includes shipping.

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spielbox 2016/1 - English edition

spielbox 2016/1 - English edition


The Gambler: Promo card for Port Royal (Pegasus Spiele)

Reviews: Council of Four, Mombasa, Nippon, Karuba, My Village, New York 1901 and much more. Please click at details for the complete content.

7,80 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2011/2 - German edition

spielbox 2011/2 - German edition

As an exclusive add-on the issue will contain the game Great Western (edition spielbox) created by Martin Wallace exclusive for spielbox magazine (illustrated by Christof Tisch). Furthermore we include a sheet of die-cut counters, which will do for the whole series of games.

Our previous price 6,00 EUR
Now only 3,00 EUR
you save 50 % / 3,00 EUR
 (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2011/6 - English edition

spielbox 2011/6 - English edition

New maps for Great Western by Martin Wallace
Reviews: Trajan, Discworld Ankh-Morpork, A Few Acres of Snow and more

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Now only 5,50 EUR
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spielbox 2016/4 - English edition

spielbox 2016/4 - English edition


A complete Adventure including new cards for Aventuria - The Adventure Card Game
A new tile for Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition

Reviews: Imhotep, Quadropolis, Dream Island, Viceroy etc.. An article about the UK Games Expo and much more

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spielbox 2016/5 - English edition

spielbox 2016/5 - English edition

This issue will be published about October 10th. We will have it at our booth (hall 3 M 118) at SPIEL

additional play map "Monument Valley" for World Monument (Queen Games)
"The 10th Castle Door" for Touria (HUCH! & friends)

Reviews: Via Nebula, Terraforming Mars, Costa Rica, World Monument and more. The 1st part of the novelties at SPIEL. Escape Room Events and Boardgames etc.

Our previous price 7,80 EUR
Now only 2,00 EUR
you save 74 % / 5,80 EUR
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