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spielbox 2021/7 - English edition

spielbox 2021/7 - English edition
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spielbox 2021/7 - English edition

mini-expansion with 4 "Ambush" cards for Cartographers


The Making of ... World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
The Zoo Machine: Ark Nova
Original Scouting: Scout
Building Boom in the Wild West: Boonlake
Wishing for Nationalization: Free Ride
An Ideal rainforest World: Canopy
The Savannah is Full: Savannah Park
(Eng)Land Seeks New Amateur Detectives: Redcliff Bay Mysteries
Rotation Tarnation: Four Gardens
Wild Proliferation of VPs: Kokopelli
Pretty and Abstract: Polynesia
Schliemann in Space: Excavation Earth
Want Another Hidden Object Game? Last Message
Suckin' at Crossin' Crosses: Voll verplant
"Even a Game is Political to a Certain Degree": Boardgame Historian Lukas Boch
Skulls of Sedlec
MicroMacro Crime City: Full House
Food Chain island
Magellan Elcano
In a Grove

Washing Stones in a Pigsty: PD Verlag: A Spiel des Jahress and a Crisis
Hyggelig Playing Culture: Brätspiel in Denmark
A Fest of Play: 10 years of the Dau Festival of Games
The Beer Coaster Manifesto: 30 Years of SAZ
Fun and Games
7 Games for Life
Readers' Comments
What Happaned to ...
Tweaks and Variations: Scout
Tweaks and Variations: Free Ride
Tweaks and Variations: Kokopelli
Index 2021
Hoffmann's Home Play

Fang den Zoo

Magic Market

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SPIEL DOCH! is only available in German!

Who doesn't know Dixit - Game of the Year 2010. In this issue, there is a lot of background on the history of this great game. And you can also learn a lot about the well-known cartoonist Joscha Sauer. We also asked Peter Eggert, Heiko Eller-Bilz and Albrecht Werstein why they sold their publishing company. And last but not least, many nice games have been selected and presented in various sections. The complete table of contents can be found under "Details".


5,90 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2021/2 - English edition

spielbox 2021/2 - English edition

Bonusmarker for Hansa Teutonica (Pegasus) Reviews: Paleo, The Lost Ruins of Arnak, CloudAge, New York Zoo and more
Interview with the designer Cole Wehrle, The Making of "Mission ISS" etc.

8,00 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2021/3 - English edition

spielbox 2021/3 - English edition


Sticker sheet for Renature
2 Promo cards (Sagittarius A and Beta Colony) to Beyond the Sun

Reviews a.o.: Beyond the Sun, Calico, Cubitas, Die Abenteuer des Robin Hood, Gloomhaven - die Pranken des Löwen.

8,00 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2021/4 - English edition

spielbox 2021/4 - English edition

New solo boards for "New York Zoo" SOLO (Feuerland)
2 new exclusive bonus cases for "Micro Macro - Crime City" (Pegasus)

The issue includes the cover story: 20 years of Carcassonne. An interview with the still acting CEO of Asmodee Germany, Alexis Desplats. 25 reviews (including City of Angels, Cryptid, Flotilla, Marvel Champions. The Card Game, Santa Monica and Sprawlopolis) as well as 5 children's games. The complete table of contents will be available here at beginning of August

8,00 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2021/5 - English edition

spielbox 2021/5 - English edition

add ons
Promo "Builders and Biomes" for  Mine Craft (Ravensburger)
 pop up promo for Wonderbook (dvGiochi)

40 years of spielbox: Jens Junge, the trainee from back then, talks about the past and Anja Perkuhn ventures a look into the future of gaming. Furthermore, we present 23 novelties, 5 children's games and many more games in the fair preview. The complete table of contents will be soon at "Details".

8,00 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2021/6 - English edition

spielbox 2021/6 - English edition

The issue comes with these topics among others:

  •     Illumination of the game scene, including the example of Frosthaven
  •     Making Of: behind the scenes of Ultimate Railroads
  •     What does the future of alea look like
  •     Our columnist Maren Hoffmann finally buys a real gaming table

Among others, there are reviews of 7 Wonders Architects, Dark Ages, Explorers, Funace, Hadrian's Wall, Project L, The Red Cathedral, So Clever! Top Ten

8,00 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)

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