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spielbox 2023/5 - English edition

spielbox 2023/5 - English edition
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spielbox 2023/5 - English edition


Bonus card Duerer Bat / European Hare for Forrest Shuffle (Lookout Games).
Promo card for Sunrise Lane (Horrible Guild)


It's All on Numerous Cards: Disney Lorcana

Catalonian Point Salad: Barcelona
Gone with the Wind: Tribes of the Wind
Also a Talent for Islands: My Island
Terraforming Forest: Forest Shuffle
Mushrooms and Dewdrops: Mycelia
Super Brain vs. Mastermind: Caper: Europe
Linguistic Chaos in Space: Noobs in Space
Something New in the Old West: Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West
APP: Phantom Ink
Western-Mancala: A Fistful of Meeples
Apocalyptic Atmosphere: Tough Calls: Dystopia
Subtle Messages: Mind MGMT
Strongest Brew: Coffee Traders
Master Builders with a Grudge: Pyramido
Deadly Deduction: Turing Machine

Increasing the Political Awareness of Games: Hermann Hutter

Black Hole Buccaneers
Prey Another Day
Schrödinger's Cats

What Became of  Frank Czarnetzki "Czarne"
Tweaks and Variations: Prey Another Day
Column: Hoffmann's Home Play: Shower Cap and Bondage Tape


"Most Fun Stand" in Digital Land: Gamescom in Cologne
And the Winner is ...? Deutscher Spielepreis

"First of All, I Must Like the Story, the Mood and the Theme": Vincent Dutrait

A Cage Full of Birds-of-Paradice: Boardgame-Café "Paradice" in Vienna

Learning Games Made Easy(er): A Didactic Look at Rule Books

The Past in Games: A plea for history in board gaming, with Weimar as an example

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spielbox-Special zur SPIEL 2019

spielbox-Special zur SPIEL 2019

spielbox special edition - especially for the SPIEL - since 17 years!

add on:
promo card "Robin Hood" for Similo Fables (Horrible Guild)

The magazine will be distributed free of charge to visitors at the spielbox stand (1 F101) in Essen. It is available in selected hotels, among other places, and is sent to spielbox subscribers in advance.

Here in the Shop it can be ordered for forwarding expenses and a small handling charge.

Traditionally, this issue contains the presentation of many new games from A to Z, which will appear in Essen (a second part can be found in spielbox 5-2019) and it contains the popular checklist (yellow pages) and a hall plan.

The digital edition can be downloaded here free of charge:

English translation of the spielbox Special News:

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spielbox 2023/2 - English edition

spielbox 2023/2 - English edition

A new card for Terrafoming Mars: Psyche (Titan)

25 years of Rio Grande Games (Dominion and others)
Report on the Festival International du Jeux in Cannes

Reviews of Beer & Bread, Bitoku, Marrakesh, Sleeping Gods, Splendor Duel, The Guild of Merchant Explorers, Tindaya, Viticulture: World and Wanderlust, among others.


8,90 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2023/1 - English edition

spielbox 2023/1 - English edition


  • Promo Pack for EL Dorado (Ravensburger)
  • "Kyiv" for Under Falling Skies (Czech Games Edition)
  • Two new inspiration cards for Wayfarer of the South Tigris
  • A new promo for Starship Captains

The spielbox editorial team took a look around for you at the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg to get first impressions of new products. Among other things, they also conducted an interview with the authors of Challengers!

Steffen Spiele is celebrating its 20th anniversary, which is honored here.

Reviews in this issue: Applejack, Challengers! ChronoCops, Terra Nova, Rise, Terra Nova, The Great Split and Woodcraft and more.

8,90 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2022/5 - English edition

spielbox 2022/5 - English edition

Promo for "The Great Split" by Horrible Guild

Including there will be some reviews - for example The Hunger, Feed the Kraken, Terraforming Mars - Ares Expedition, Old London Bridge.

The issue will be published October 5th. We will have it at our booth in Essen 5-J114

8,00 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2022/1 - English edition

spielbox 2022/1 - English edition

Promo "Instructor" for Port Royal (Pegasus)
Promo "Alicorn" for Lost Ruins of Arnak (Czech Games)
Promo "Building Box" for Underwater Cities

Although the International Toy Fair could not take place, we have of course nevertheless informed ourselves about the spring novelties. "Less is more" is the name of the new game by Ralf zur Linde, with whom we also talked about music, Mallorca and mathematics. Reviews in this issue are Flippermania, Golem, Messina 1347, Mille Fiori, Paleo: A New Beginning, Ultimate Railroads and Wonder Book and more

8,00 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox-Special SPIEL 2022

spielbox-Special SPIEL 2022

This special edition of spielbox contains a promo for "Evergreen" (Horrible Guild).

The special edition of spielbox (in its 20th volume) for the autumn releases will be handed out to visitors free of charge at the spielbox stand (5 J114) at SPIEL, it will be available in many hotels in Essen and the surrounding area as well as in toy stores and Thaliabuch stores, also to take away free of charge. Subscribers to spielbox (German edition) will receive it with issue 5/2022.

Here in the store it can be ordered for shipping costs and a small handling fee.

Traditionally, this issue contains the presentation of many new games from A to Z, which are newly released in Essen (a further part can be found in spielbox 5/2022 and of course it also contains the ever-popular checklist (yellow pages) with novelties selected by the spielbox editorial team.

The English edition will be available digital and you get the link here soon.

1,30 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)

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