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spielbox 2010/1 - English edition

spielbox 2010/1 - English edition
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spielbox 2010/1 - English edition

This is the first edition of the English version of spielbox magazine


The Line is the Line: Impressions from the International Toy Fair Nuernberg
Pearl Anniversary in Dietzenbach: 30 years of Amigo

If you set Sail, don't forget the Captain: Vasco da Gama
Smorgasbord, Smorgasbord, bork bork bork! A la carte
Taking Cardboard, giving Wood: Magister Navis
Wanted: most valuable headless tail-o-pede: Darwinci
Revival in a Twinpack: Alcazar
Looting until the Fifth Sheriff arrives: El Paso
Cartagena 2 for 2.12 Meters: Atlantis
Smoking Colts: Carson City
Light and Shadow: Day & Night
A Railway Network for Chees Cubes: Last Train nicht Wensleydale
Jumping Required? Gier
A Spanish Heroic Epic: 2 de Mayo

- taking the right ones! Pure joy of thinking
An Ancestor with a new look once more. The roots of: Monopoly City

Schalom, Halli Galli: A Visit to Haim Shafir and Ariel Laden
Around the world in play with Tom Felber: About the Impossibility of Playing on the Bus

Space Drift: A Game by Christof Tisch

A Sheet with two Dominon discard tableaus. Another sheet to allow for games with the full number of players are included in issue no. 2/2010.

To be continued
Im Jahr des Drachen. Die chinesische Mauer, Die Super-Ereignisse
Pandemie: Auf Messers Schneide

A Look Back
From Italy's "Early Days". International Team

Für Kids
Busy Bee
Muh & Mäh
Ab AUF DIE Wippe!
Schatz der Mumie

At a Glance
alea iacta est

Tweaks and Variations


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Mini-expansion "The Flash of Wit" for Paleo

How is the industry reacting to the war in Ukraine? What is the dispute between Anno Domini author Urs Hostettler and Amnesty International in Switzerland all about, and what is the former editor of Alea, Stefan Brück, doing today? We also congratulate Uwe Rosenberg on "25 years of Bohanza". Among others, we have the following reviews in the issue: Ankh - Die Götter Ätyptens, Azul - Die Gärten der Königin, Cascadia, The Heist.

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spielbox 2015/1 - German edition

spielbox 2015/1 - German edition

sold out (some copies of the English edition are still available)

This is the German edition. For the English edition please have a look at "spielbox 1/2015 - English edition"

0,00 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)

This Product was added to our catalogue on Thursday 18 February, 2010.

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