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spielbox 2019/6 - English edition

spielbox 2019/6 - English edition
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spielbox 2019/6 - English edition

Add-on:  promocards for "Race for the Galaxy" (Rio Grande Games)

A Good Blend of Familiar Elements: Deep Blue
No Fuss Required: Die Crew
Down-to-earth in a Balloon: Die Inseln im Nebel
A World Make of Grid Squares: Cities Skylines - The Boardgame
A World Make of Pixels: Minecraft - Builders & Biomes
Beautiful and Ugly Finds: Carnival of Monsters
Eight-card Wonder: Res Arcana
Cube Exchange: The Final Act: Century - A new world
Some Might Miss the Bad Weather: Foothills
Shadows From the Past: Watergate
Jane Austen Would Feel Honored: Obsession
the Cradle of Chaos: Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea


It Just Keeps on Rolling ...: Downforce

Cross-Promotion Appreciated: PC games going cardboard





Diceforge: Rebellion

Masquerade: Pure Joy of Thinking
Moving Round and Round on the Board: Oldie: Pole Position

Successful on Kickstarter: Rise of Tribes

Go Gecko Go!
Monsieur Carrousel
Marienkäfer oder Siebenschläfer
Nuss voraus!

Spies & Kues

Short notes: Obituary Francis G. Tresham
Tweaks and Variations: Ab durch die Mauer

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spielbox 2021/2 - deutsche Ausgabe

spielbox 2021/2 - deutsche Ausgabe

This is the German edition. The English edition will be released about end of April

Bonusmarker für Hansa Teutonica (Pegasus)

Rezensionen: Paleo, Die verlorenen Ruinen von Arnak, CloudAge, New York Zoo u.v.a.m.
Interview mit dem Autor Cole Wehrle, The Making of "Mission ISS", ein Report über die Lust am Spielen in dystopischen Szenarien.

7,90 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2020/5 - deutsche Ausgabe

spielbox 2020/5 - deutsche Ausgabe

This is the German edition. The English edition will be published about October 23rd and will include another add on (for Pictures)

Promokarte für "Catan Sternenfahrer"
Neue Bonusfälle für Micro Macro" von Edition Spielwiese

Abgesehen von den Kritiken gibt es bereits einen Ausblick auf die Herbstneuheiten (weitere im spielbox-Special). Außerdem: ein Porträt über Reiner Stockhausen (dlp Games), die Hintergrundstory zu Pictures und eine Reportage über den nach wie vor ungebrochenen Trend der Escape-Room-Spiele

7,20 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2014/5 - German edition

spielbox 2014/5 - German edition

This is the German edition. The English edition will be published about 13th of October

This issue includes 2 new ad ons:

  • A new mini-expansion to Carcasssonne "half and half" (Hans im Glueck Verlag)
  • Special cards "Soja Sauce" to the fast card game "Sushi Go" by Noris/Zoch

7,00 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2010/1 - English edition

spielbox 2010/1 - English edition

This is the first edition of the English version of spielbox magazine!

spielbox-Edition: Space Drift: A game by Christof Tisch
A Sheet with two Dominon discard tableaus. Another sheet to allow for games with the full number of players are included in issue no. 2/2010.
Reviews: Magister Navis, Carson City, Day & Night and more

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spielbox 2020/3 - English edition

spielbox 2020/3 - English edition

Release date: end of June

5 new asymmetric start cards with thereby 10 new start conditions for "Hadara" (Hans in the Glück Verlag)

spielbox is asking: how does the board game branch deals with Corona? The game "The 7th Continent" is scheduled for release in the 4th quarter for the German speaking market. The spielbox has already had a look at it, you can be curious! There are also reviews of e.g. "On Mars", "Robin von Locksley", "Circadians" and many others.

8,00 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2020/2 - English edition

spielbox 2020/2 - English edition

Three new Missions for "The Crew" (Kosmos)

Novelties from the Toy Fair Nuremberg, Queen Games from the beginning until today, Reviews: Glen More II, the King's Dilemma and much more.

8,00 EUR (7 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)

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